Vaibhav Thombre, the storyteller of The Empire of Carane blog

Vaibhav Thombre has been a devotee of stories for almost all of his 28-year-old life. Stories came to him in various forms over the years – some with the scent of paperbacks, some others through the magic of 70mm, others still through TV or the internet. The mediums changed over the years, but the joy of being absorbed in a good tale never did.

Over time, Vaibhav felt that he wanted to contribute something back to the land of stories that had given him so much delight. He wrote bits and pieces, scribbling poetry and concocting short stories when life would allow. Then one day, an idea dawned on him of a story that he felt he had to convey.

The idea would morph into his novel series “The Empire of Carane” and into his first novel within the series “The Sovereign’s War” which Vaibhav hopes to share with the world at some point. It’s a story of ambition and justice, of war and peace, of the rise and fall of empires. The blog that you are reading now has emerged out of this. The stories on the blog are not from the novels however. ‘Carane’ had taken to a vast life of it’s own in Vaibhav’s mind so it felt natural to extricate strands of those stories directly onto the blog and not pack them into already overflowing novels.

Vaibhav hopes that you like the blog and that it brings you some joy of reading in this faster-than-light world that we now inhabit.

 You can contact Vaibhav Thombre at: vaibhavthombrewrites@gmail.com


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